InsuranceFor your protection we require all tenants to have insurance.

We recommend Storsmart Insurance. Storsmart is a self storage contents insurance program. They have great coverage and affordable premiums.

If you choose the Storsmart Insurance option, you can purchase as little as $2,000, or as much as $20,000, of coverage.

If you have specific insurance coverage questions call Eric at 720-591-2425, or feel free to contact StorSmart Insurance directly at 1-888-545-SMART or via email at

About Storsmart:

The storsmart insurance program was formed by insurance and storage professionals with years of experience in the self storage and insurance industries. As storage professionals they understand the ins and outs of both the day-to-day operations of self storage and the importance of a quality self storage tenant insurance program. The storsmart insurance program was created to bring the best value and integrity for both owners and customers.

From Our Terms & Conditions of Use:

INSURANCE. Occupant shall purchase and maintain a comprehensive insurance policy of fire, extended coverage endorsement burglary, vandalism and malicious mischief insurance for 100% of the actual cash value of Occupant’s property in the Storage Space. Insurance on Occupant’s property is a material condition of this agreement and is for the benefit of both Occupant and Owner. Failure of Occupant to carry the required insurance is a breach of this RENTAL AGREEMENT and will result in Occupant being self-insured for Occupant’s property in the Storage Space; Occupant assumes all risk of loss to stored property in the Storage Space that would be covered by any such insurance. Occupant expressly agrees that the insurance company providing any such insurance for Occupant shall not be subrogated to any claim of Occupant against Owner, Owners agents or employees for loss of or damage to stored property. Occupant further acknowledges and agrees that Owner does not carry insurance on Occupant’s property either in the Storage Space or on the Facility, for either for loss or damage.

To the extent Occupant does not maintain such insurance, Occupant agrees to “self-insure” the property to the same extent as such policy would have provided. Occupant hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Owner from any and all claims for damages to property or personal injury and costs including attorney’s fees arising from Occupant’s use of the premises. Owner carries no insurance covering a loss to Occupant’s possessions. Owner shall not be deemed to either expressly or impliedly provide any security protection to Occupant’s property maintained at the Site. Any security devices, which Owner may maintain at the Site, are for Owner’s convenience only. Owner may discontinue their use at any time without notice to Occupant.

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